In Arlequí Màscares we adapt traditional forms of paper production to the dynamics of our time. Thus, despite retaining the knowledge and techniques of popular tradition, we added our manufacturing technologies, creativity and design, which allows us to do a serial work.

We use recycled paper i our pieces. Today this kind of paper allows for it's strength and lightness, make products useful, decorative and fun. Products as diverse as popular Catalan masks and Italian Comedia Dell'Arte masksm, classic French tradition, Tragic and Greek theatre and Japanese Noh masks, also other modern bill. Among other objects, equally original as articulated ties, hangers three-dimensional, relief boxes, embossed gold leaf with gold, finger puppets and more.

They intended both casual gift or promotional advertising or business gift personalized with the addition of creating where appropriate, unique custom pieces.

In all these objects the most diverse applied policromc artistic techniques, from painting, watercolor painting and drawing, to the use of polishes, waxes, crackle, gold leaves of course guarantee the quality of our parts.

Treatment of cardboard makes us followers of the long cultural tradition rooted in our country, a tradition that goes as we know, in the world of popular party, with the giants, the big heads, horses close-vila or those of toy, the different types of puppets, etc..

Tradition is that over time has given us moments of joy.

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